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Our Areas Of Specialization

Exercise for rehabilitation

  • Justin Keller, one of our physical therapists, working with a patient.

Strengthen the back

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Since most back pain is muscle-related, the specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation (PMR) is a widely elected option in treating back and neck pain. A PMR physician will work with our spine-specialized physical therapists to use exercise as the key ingredient to recovery along with other non-surgical treatment methods.

Physical Therapy

Because Spine Team Texas focuses on non-surgical and minimally invasive surgical techniques, we provide a team of spine-focused physical therapists. Experts in physical therapy, exercise for rehabilitation and musculoskeletal diagnostics, our physical therapists blend hands-on care with personalized movements and exercises that strengthen the back and improve flexibility. We also have therapists trained in the McKenzie method for spine therapy. Through these treatments, the physical therapists at Spine Team Texas can help relieve your back and neck pain symptoms so you can get back to life.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

When surgery is needed, you'll be glad to know the neurosurgeons of Spine Team Texas are nationally recognized for their skills and expertise. Led by Dr. David Rothbart, a renowned neurosurgeon and champion of minimally invasive surgical techniques, our spine-focused surgeons are highly trained and experienced in the latest technology and surgical methods.

Minimally invasive surgery techniques provide the opportunity to relieve spine pain. This treatment method involves making a small incision, as little as half an inch, and inserting specialized instruments or probes to access and repair the damaged area of the spine. This less aggressive approach is typically completed on an outpatient basis and has proven to be as successful as conventional "open surgery" methods.