Heart of Service – Employee Feature: Bailey Lombard

  Spine Team Texas has a high patient satisfaction score because we employ some of the most caring, patient-driven professionals in the country. Some of our team members, such as Bailey Lombard, go above and beyond their role to further serve their community. Bailey is one of our Marketing Liaisons. She’s a mother of 3, […]

Family, Sports, and Inclusivity – Employee Feature: Ryan McCarthy

Here at Spine Team Texas, we view each of our employees as multi-faceted individuals with dynamic lives that often outshine their starring role with us. From family adventures to unique hobbies, each team member is encouraged to live their life to the fullest, without concern of work bearing down them. We accomplish this by providing […]

Skate into Your Work-Life Balance at Spine Team Texas – Employee Feature: Jennifer Taylor

In a professional world plagued by employee dissatisfaction, Spine Team Texas is taking a different approach. Successfully creating a culture where our employees feel supported and appreciated, Spine Team Texas offers extensive benefits that aim to improve the health and wellness of employees and their families. Work-life balance is a top priority of ours, because […]

POV: Your X-Ray Tech is a 1968 Camaro Driving, Texas State Kickboxing Champion

Inside the makeup of our Southlake Clinic, walks an array of healthcare professionals. There are of course physicians, nurses, medical assistants, procedure schedulers, and so on and so forth. Among the group walks an x-ray technician. He’s casual, polite, and like many of our staff members, gentle and caring. One could even say he fits […]