Treatments & Approach

Physical Therapy

Instead of referring a patient across town, Spine Team Texas has an on-site physical therapy gym with a team of spine-focused physical therapists, some of which are trained in the McKenzie method for spine therapy. Experts in physical therapy, exercise for rehabilitation and musculoskeletal diagnostics, our physical therapists blend hands-on care with personalized movements and exercises that strengthen the back and improve flexibility. Through these treatments, the physical therapists at Spine Team Texas can help address your pain symptoms so you can get back to life.


What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy is a type of treatment to help you restore physical function and relieve pain. Spine Team Texas’ comprehensive approach includes education, posture and movement retraining, spinal stabilization, and conditioning.

Our highly-trained physical therapists will provide you with the tools to manage your condition or prevent future injury. It is still important to take an active role in the rehabilitation process in order to receive the maximum benefit. During the program, you may be asked to perform certain exercises at home for a faster recovery. Communicating reactions to activities with your therapist is a key part of a successful program.


A Team Approach

Spine Team Texas’ unique model brings together skilled medical professionals to provide you with the best treatment options available. Our physical therapists truly work as a team and maintain ongoing communication with your Spine Team physicians regarding your care. This offers you a wealth of expertise and access to the best treatment options available. Our therapists even participate in the weekly spine conference with other key medical staff to discuss the most difficult cases.


Our Expertise

Our therapists are trained in the McKenzie Method, also known as Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT). This approach uses three steps to address your pain and provide a path toward functional restoration.

  1. Assessment: In combination with your medical record, diagnostic, and relevant surgical information, a thorough examination of specific movements, tests and responses will identify a treatment plan for your pain and begin the rehabilitation process.
  2. Treatment: Your therapist will provide an individualized plan for you. The MDT philosophy puts you in control of the treatment process.
  3. Preventative Strategy: Patients gain hands-on knowledge on how to manage symptoms and minimize recurrence in the future.

In addition to specializing in the McKenzie approach, our team offers more traditional physical therapy services such as neuromuscular reeducation, safe core stabilization exercises, and ergonomic assessment and proper body mechanics training. We can also provide manual therapy, including mobilizations, manipulation, and instrument-assisted soft tissue treatment and modalities (electrical stimulation, traction, and cryotherapy).


Our Therapy Services

We want your recovery to be efficient and effective. A full 12 visits or more is not always necessary if progress can be made at home. Our specialized spine physical therapists can help you develop a concentrated home exercise plan that works for your schedule.

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