Starting on the Right Foot: Our Guide for Getting Active

6 Steps for Starting Your Journey Starting a physical activity journey can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build strength, or improve your overall health, taking the first step towards a more active lifestyle is essential. In this blog post, we’ll share some tips on how to […]

What to Know Before Spine Surgery

Whether you’re scheduled for surgery, or are still seeking out a provider, it’s always the right time to think about how you can best set yourself up for a successful outcome. Whether that’s ahead of surgery, or putting your best foot forward during recovery.  Below, we’ll run through some of the most important items to […]

POV: Your X-Ray Tech is a 1968 Camaro Driving, Texas State Kickboxing Champion

Inside the makeup of our Southlake Clinic, walks an array of healthcare professionals. There are of course physicians, nurses, medical assistants, procedure schedulers, and so on and so forth. Among the group walks an x-ray technician. He’s casual, polite, and like many of our staff members, gentle and caring. One could even say he fits […]

Our Guide To Becoming A Healthcare Administrator

Healthcare Admin answering phone

Healthcare administration is an umbrella term for a variety of roles within a hospital or healthcare facility. Typically these roles will include overseeing the management, supervision and operations within the hospital, but can vary depending on facility specialty.   Regardless, one thing is for sure – working in healthcare administration can be a rewarding career, helping […]

What To Know If You Need Kyphoplasty

Any diagnosis or treatment recommendation can leave you thinking through all kinds of questions. If you’ve been told that you need kyphoplasty, sometimes also called vertebroplasty if cement is added, then you might be wondering what it is, and what it could do for you.    If ever in doubt, we strongly recommend discussing with […]

Tech Neck – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Man on his phone

We’ve heard it all – sitting too close to your TV will give you square eyes, spending too much time on your video games will melt your brain…but what if we told you that looking down at your phone is the cause of that twinge in your back, the strain on your neck, and the […]

3 Easy Ways to Correct Your Poor Posture

We all remember our parents telling us to stand up straight, stop hunching our shoulders, and sit up properly – but why did it matter?    Poor posture can cause a multitude of issues, putting additional strain on our bodies and even sometimes leading to premature joint degeneration. Not only that, but it can even […]

What is a Spine Doctor 

man and child

A spine doctor is a specialist, with their experience and education focusing on the spine. Some of these doctors may specifically focus on certain parts of the spine, such as the lumbar or cervical spine.  Depending on the extent of your injury or problem, and any additional underlying health conditions, this kind of doctor can […]

Arthritis – Types & Treatment Options

Woman with arthritis

Arthritis is a term that you’ve likely heard before – whether because you’ve been diagnosed with it yourself, or in passing.  Today we’ll talk about arthritis, what it is, the different types of it and some of the treatment options available for you. What is Arthritis? Arthritis, at its simplest, is an inflammation of your […]