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Arthritis – Types & Treatment Options

Woman with arthritis

Arthritis is a term that you’ve likely heard before – whether because you’ve been diagnosed with it yourself, or in passing.  Today we’ll talk about arthritis, what it is, the different types of it and some of the treatment options available for you. What is Arthritis? Arthritis, at its simplest, is an inflammation of your […]

Tips: Working a Desk Job Without Back Pain

A picture from behind showing a man sat at a desk, stretching his back

Whether you’ve been working remotely or you’re back in the office, working at a desk (or even worse, your couch) can wreak havoc on your back.  Why do I have back pain from my desk job? This kind of pain can happen because of a couple of reasons.  If you stay seated at your computer […]

How to Preemptively Treat Hereditary Back Problems

Hereditary back pain

Do any of your immediate family members experience back pain, caused by vertebral disc break down or similar? If so then you are four times more likely to experience it yourself.  But rather than wait for degenerative disc conditions to crop up, let’s look at what you can do to limit the effect.  Stretches  Gentle […]

Can physical therapy help with back pain?

Physical Therapist helping a patient stretch

When you find yourself experiencing back pain, your mind can jump to all kinds of conclusions. You might think of all the surgeries and complex procedures that seem necessary to fix your pain – but that’s not always the case. In fact, here at Spine Team Texas, approximately 92% of our patients do not require […]

Treatment of Low Back Pain – Injections

man w/ back pain

If you’ve been keeping up with our blogs recently, you might remember when we first discussed the variety in the kinds of treatment for back pain. There are three major non-surgical categories in the treatment of low back pain: therapy, medications, and injection/procedures.  We now turn our discussion to the third and final non-surgical pillar […]

When To See a Doctor For Back Pain

Smiling Doctor

Back pain can vary – from a twinge in the spine when bending at certain angles, to debilitating pain that radiates into your thighs and leaves you unable to move.  Regardless of severity, we know it can be frustrating – especially if it persists for longer than a couple of weeks. It can cause a […]

Intracept® Is Here!

The breakthrough to chronic low back pain is HERE, and it’s called Intracept®. Even Carson Daly from the TODAY show is taking advantage of this procedure after decades of pain! Did you know? Spine Team Texas is the #1 provider of Intracept® in the entire state of Texas. To learn how Intracept® changed Carson Daly’s […]

How to Exercise With Neck and Back Pain

A large correlation exists between weight gain and spine related ailments. Even as little as 10 pounds over ideal body weight can impact your body’s mechanics and the load that is placed on the spine and joints. The spine is designed to carry your body weight in a balanced and evenly distributed manner with the […]

Should You Consider a Spinal Cord Stimulator?

Doctor shows a patient a model of a spine, pointing at the vertebrae

So you’ve been dealing with chronic back pain, and conventional methods haven’t yet worked for you – maybe you’ve even heard the term “spinal cord stimulation” thrown around. But how do you know when it’s time for you to take that step?  Typically your doctor will make this recommendation after an extensive treatment plan has […]

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