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OLIF: Oblique Lumbar Interbody Fusion (for L2-L5)


OLIF is a surgery to correct problems caused by degenerated discs in your spine. This procedure creates more space for nerves and can be performed through small openings on either side of the body, making this an excellent option when compared to other back surgeries.


The OLIF surgery is performed using general anesthesia and a video x-ray device called the “fluoroscope.” A tiny opening in your skin will be made where you’ll pass tubes containing dilators through soft tissues to reach down into one of two holes cut out for them by surgeons. The retraction process begins with an instrument that slowly slides over these weakened areas. This allows space enough so new tissue can grow across both sides without obstruction or pressure buildup within any particular area.

Removing The Disc

Your surgeon will carefully remove the disc that is causing you pain. An implant called an “interbody device” between each of your vertebrae helps relieve any compression on nearby nerves and muscles, while also lifting up those spaces where they belong – into proper position!

Stabilizing The Spine

Finally, the surgeon will place other supports on your spine. These could be rods and plates for stability or screws to hold everything in place as they heal over time with a fusion between vertebrae.

End of Procedure

When the procedure is done, your surgeon will carefully close up any open wounds in order for you to recover comfortably. You’ll be watched closely while waking up and given instructions on how best to practice healing at home from there.

Neck and back pain take the joy out of life. We’re here to help you find it again.

Our founder, Dr. David Rothbart, understood that people struggling with back or neck pain often fear surgery as the first option. He shared this concern, which is why he founded Spine Team Texas—to treat patients conservatively and avoid surgery as the initial solution. Dr. Rothbart’s team of carefully selected pain management experts has helped many patients find relief from their back and neck pain. Schedule your appointment today to find out how they can help you achieve your goals.
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Meet Walt Rutkowski

Physical trainer, businessman, & back pain conqueror

After enjoying physical training for many years, Walt developed a specific pain. He tried conservative treatments, but when it was time to find a surgeon, he knew who to call!

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