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Cervical Posterior Foraminotomy


This surgery creates more space for a compressed spinal nerve in your neck. The procedure relieves painful pressure caused by a herniated or degenerative disc.


In preparation for the procedure, you are anesthetized. You are placed in a face down position. The surgeon creates a small incision in the back of your neck. The structures within your neck are gently moved aside to create a path to your spine.

Creating Space​

There are a few ways to create more space for your compressed nerve. The surgeon may choose to remove a portion of the lamina. This is the bone that forms the rear of the spinal canal. The surgeon may remove bone to enlarge the foramen. This is the opening the nerve passes through as it exits the spine. If your nerve is being compressed by a herniated disc, the surgeon may remove the bulging disc material.

End of Procedure

When the procedure is complete, the incision is closed. Your surgeon will give you specific instructions to aid your recovery.

Neck and back pain take the joy out of life. We’re here to help you find it again.

Our founder, Dr. David Rothbart, understood that people struggling with back or neck pain often fear surgery as the first option. He shared this concern, which is why he founded Spine Team Texas—to treat patients conservatively and avoid surgery as the initial solution. Dr. Rothbart’s team of carefully selected pain management experts has helped many patients find relief from their back and neck pain. Schedule your appointment today to find out how they can help you achieve your goals.
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Meet Walt Rutkowski

Physical trainer, businessman, & back pain conqueror

After enjoying physical training for many years, Walt developed a specific pain. He tried conservative treatments, but when it was time to find a surgeon, he knew who to call!

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