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Dr. Anthony Berg First in the World to Implant New Precision Montage™ MRI Spinal Cord Stimulation Device to Relieve Chronic Spine Pain

Newly-approved device is an MRI conditional neurostimulator that allows patients to have magnetic resonance diagnostic scans without interference from the device

This week, Anthony Berg, M.D., became the first physician in the world to implant the Precision Montage™ MRI at the Texas Health Spine Surgery Center in Rockwall, TX. The device is a new MRI conditional neurostimulation system that allows the patient to continue to have access to full-body MRI diagnostic scans without concern of interference from the device. With this device, Dr. Berg is now able to offer patients suffering from chronic spine pain a new technology that can continue to provide innovative therapy, stimulation modes, device diagnostics and the ability to proceed with future MRI scans that may be needed in relation to their spine or any other health issues.

Spinal cord stimulation, also called neurostimulation, is an important therapy option for patients who have not been able to alleviate their chronic pain through traditional methods such as medicine or surgery. Chronic pain affects 100 million Americans—more than heart disease, cancer and diabetes combined. The debilitating disease is cause for 40 percent of work absences due to back pain, second only to the common cold (50 percent). Chronic pain costs the nation more than $635 billion each year in medical treatments and lost productivity expenses. Spinal cord stimulation is a proven therapy that has been used for over 40 years to help manage chronic pain.

“Chronic spine pain can greatly limit a patient’s quality of life,” said Dr. Berg. “With this new technology, we now have better options for treating spine pain. The advanced technology and ability to continue to have access to other diagnostic testing without fear of device interference can be a great relief to the patient.”

Similar in function and appearance to a cardiac pacemaker, the Precision Montage MRI neurostimulator delivers mild electrical pulses to the spinal cord, which interrupt or mask the pain signals’ transmission to the brain. By masking the pain signals, patients who receive neurostimulation may see an overall improved quality of life. Until now, one of the greatest challenges with spinal cord stimulation therapies has been giving patients access to the latest technologies without limiting their ability to benefit from future diagnostic testing using any type of magnetic resonance testing equipment.

“Spine Team Texas’ commitment to investing in innovative medical technology,” said Mark Hood, CEO of Spine Team Texas, “lands us on the forefront of patient care when it comes to treating spine conditions, diseases and injuries. Our goal is always improving patients’ quality of life by using the least invasive procedure found to be most effective.”

Precision Montage MRI is one of the world’s smallest neurostimulators to treat chronic pain of the trunk or limbs and pain from failed back surgery. Patients in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex are encouraged to call Spine Team Texas if they are suffering from chronic spine pain.

Download the full press release (PDF)

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